DOWNLOADING files from the net is common, but some people online are ready to take even their clothes off. This why it’s important to know that online strip poker can easily turn into Russian Roulette.

The naked truth about nudes

Photographs or videos showing intimate body parts, nudes in short, is something that is very present on the internet. If you want to find out more about sexting – messaging that involves sending such photos or videos, click here.

Still, not all nudes sent are mutually appreciated. A new trend of sending unwanted nudes is spreading – either to known or unknown persons. Bearing in mind that men are those who most frequently send photos of their penis to girls and women who they often don’t know, the term “dick pic” (photograph of a penis) was created. Many women and girls active on social networks have at least once received an unwanted dick pic! Some of them were scared, some found this funny, but each of us deserves to use the internet without men sending photos of penises to our inbox!

Take a look at Youtuber Milica Lepotica’s quite original advice on how to react in such situations!



Why it’s important to think about who you’re sending nudes to?

– if this is a person you know or you’re in a relationship with, your good relationship might turn bad, and you could end up as a victims of revenge pornography

– if it’s a person you don’t know offline, you really can’t know who’s on the other side and where your pics will end up

Don’t know how to respond to unwanted nudes?

Here are some suggestions: