Support is here

In case you’re exposed to cyber or any other form of violence, you always have someone to turn to. Because cyber violence leaves real scars.

If you are exposed to any form of cyber violence or just want to talk to someone, even if you’re not sure it’s violence, please know that there is support!

Online reporting

of harmful content on the internet


National contact

center for children’s online safety:



Report via email:

Reporting cyber violence to the Special District Attorney for High Technology Crime.
The message should contain as much information about the case as possible, with possible attachments and evidence (e.g., screenshot of communication) and contact information (name and surname, phone number, e-mail address).

Don’t forget that there are persons (adults) in your environment that you can trust – mom, dad, a teacher, family members… Find your person of trust and talk to them – cyber violence can be terrifying, but it becomes less so when you confide in someone and accept their help!

Online violence is always connected to violence in the physical environment. It can start online and continue in the “real” world or it can be the continuation of violence that started in the physical world


It is important to realize that CONSEQUENCES of cyber violence can be just as dangerous as if the violence occurred offline. Consequences can vary – from fear, anxiety, lack of concentration to sleep disturbances, depression, isolation, even suicide.