“Revenge pornography”

They say revenge is best served cold, but it’s not a meal anyone deserves just because they’re tired of a relationship. Breaking up is sometimes hard to do as it is, so it’s best to save our bellies for some new butterflies.

Why it’s not sexy?

This can involve sharing to different chat groups, social networks or even on pornography sites. Even though it occurs most often after ending a partner relationship, “revenge” pornography can occur in other types of relationships, too (e.g., by a guy you only texted with and you were never together).

This act of abuse of trust and another person’s intimacy is a form of violent behavior that is widespread in the contemporary world and often leaves very negative consequences for girls that are exposed to it.

In some situations, there is no actual sharing of the intimate photos/videos, but there is BLACKMAIL – if you don’t do what I expect you to do (e.g., to sleep with me or my friends) I will send your photos to your parents, friends and publish them online.

Such cases have been recorded in Serbia too, among secondary school pupils, and some boys have even ended up in prison because of it!

The term REVENGE PORNOGRAPHY is most frequently used to describe situations in which a girl breaks up with her boyfriend, who then, without her knowledge or consent, shares her (or joint) intimate photos and videos somewhere on the internet (also see section on Sexting).


We don’t like to expression “revenge” because it falsely implies that the girl did something wrong so that her boyfriend is taking “revenge” against her – in truth, this is about a very violent act intending to shame and humiliate the girl, because he won’t get over the breakup any other way.


Don’t do anything you don’t want, either while in a relationship or after breaking up.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you have to send your intimate photographs and videos to a person you like.

Be careful if you want to send your intimate photographs and videos to someone. Bear in mind both known and unknown persons, even those who are very much in love with you at this moment, and you with them, can abuse this content later in life.

If your private photos or videos are shared or published somewhere online – know that this is not your fault! The only one to blame is the person who did this without your consent, it is not your fault you chose to take the photos.

Make sure to find an adult you trust and tell them what is going on. Your best friend and her elder sister can be supportive, but in these serious situations it is good to talk to an adult – your parents, teachers, psychologist…

Think about reporting your case to the police. Girls often feel ashamed in such situations, even though you are not the one who should be ashamed! Even if you feel this way, think about reporting, because it is important for such cases of abuse to be recorded and for the persons responsible to be punished for what they have done to you.

If the feeling of guilt and shame is very strong, if you are exposed to insults and ridicule, if your feel that you are losing self-respect and it is difficult for you to keep all that inside – look for the support of women’s organization who can talk to you or refer you to someone who understands what you are going through. You are not alone!

Regardless of whether it’s a case of blackmail that intimate content will be published or the very publishing of it – both cases constitute criminal acts for which the sanctions are fines or a prison sentence! This applies even when the perpetrators are minors, and it is considered a particularly serious offence if the victim is a minor!