You know how difficult it is to get stains from ketchup out from a t-shirt? Well, it’s even tougher to get rid of unwanted consequences of sexting. That’s why you should practice it carefully, within limits you are ok with and with a person who’s not going to wave around their own or other people’s dirty undies.

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Think first, send later.

Think about WHAT you want to send, TO WHOM and WHY. If you’re not sure about sending, if you don’t trust the person, you’re sending you message to or you’re doing it because you were asked to, and not because you find it exciting – give up sexting! Just as in any communication, in sexting it is also most important that you are comfortable with all conditions and that this form of communication gives you pleasure and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

It is also important that you are comfortable with all aspects of the communication during the entire time – if at first it was great, and at some point, it becomes uncomfortable and you want to stop – you should stop! You are not obliged to continue with communication you are not enjoying!


Be careful as all content you send can remain recorded!

Though many chatting apps have an option for deleting messages, some even do it automatically (such as SnapChat), it is important that you always bear in mind there are ways to record the entire content of your messages. Let’s take the example of communication via SnapChat: you sent your message to your boyfriend, and it was automatically deleted. This does not mean that the person you wrote to did not have the opportunity to get a screenshot or a camera shot of your message with another phone. That is why it is important to think before actually sending any messages!


If an embarrassing situation does happen, ask for support.

People all over the world participate in sexting and often this remains a thing between two people. However, in not so few cases sexting is being abused by the very persons we trusted the most – a person you like, your boyfriend, girlfriend, male or female friend…Perhaps because you decided to break up with this person or don’t agree with what was asked of you, they will blackmail you or publish your intimate communication without your knowledge or consent. Always bear in mind that there is a chance this might happen. It’s not your fault if it does, but it is important to ask for support! Go to section on “Revenge Pornography”.

Sexting or dirty talk is communication over the phone or digital devices (SMS, chat) during which sexual and intimate words, photos or videos are exchanged.

Sexting tutorial

Nowadays, sexting is widespread, both as part of partner relationships or outside them – there are many of those who, at least once in their life, have sent sexual messages (photographs, videos) to the person they like or are in a relationship with.

Sexting can be equally exciting and interesting for both parties involved, but it can easily be abused and lead to the betrayal of trust if some content is shared without your knowledge and consent.